Services | Local Design Group


Web Design
The LDG web designers have experience in all kinds of web projects, from small, image-based sites to large, database-driven e-commerce sites using robust content management systems.

Flash Design
Looking for a more dynamic visual approach to your web presence? Or do you need a visual presentation that will knock the socks off Powerpoint? LDG designers can handle it.

Web Programming
Our designers make web sites look great, but it’s the programmers that make them work. Java script, PHP, ASP, oh my! This might be Greek to you, but the LDG programmers live and breathe this stuff.

Print Design
Print is dead, right? Not even close. Print is still a crucial means for delivering your company’s message. Brochures, direct mailers, catalogs, advertising, corporate ID. The LDG print designers have years of experience in designing award-winning and attention-getting print pieces.

LDG has partnered with several photographers for when you need to capture the essence of a person, place or thing. Having a variety of photographers helps us choose the perfect one for your specific needs.

Knowing what you want to say and saying it are often two very different things. LDG’s copywriters are tactful wordsmiths that revel in their knowledge of gerunds and dangling modifiers.