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Meet the LDGers

Janna Netland Lover
Meet the boss, folks. Janna is the lord of the land at LDG. She enjoys dogs, long walks on the beach, and dusting her wall of design awards. Based on her impressive list of long-term clients, we think you’ll like her bunches.

Joe Lover
Joe is all about the web. While only a part-time LDGer, his day gig is 100% webtastic (if irregardless is now officially a word, then so is webtastic) and has given him a portfolio of several hundred websites and 30+ design awards.

Roxy Lover
Roxy, to be blunt, is the least productive member of the LDG team. She sits around all day, demands to be fed constantly, and frequently urinates in the back yard. However, she is a Flyball Master. Literally.