Janna has remarkable balance, being both artistic and logical. She is an excellent designer, unafraid to try out sweeping, swooping shapes to better communicate an idea. But she is also very impressive at understanding and communicating the mechanics of web publishing, which can get very mechanical. And she is a natural multitasker, able to keep many plates spinning at once.

-Mike Finley

Many, MANY thanks for the brilliant work you did on the logo for Clarity Counseling Group, LLC. I could not be more pleased, Janna Netland Lover! On to the website!

-Faye Foote

Clarity Counseling Group

Logo for a new mental health service provider in St. Paul, MN.

Faye Foote offers person-centered therapy for children, adolescents and adults. Her belief is that a strong therapeutic relationship develops within a warm, empathetic, and accepting environment, allowing clients to experience meaningful personal growth and change.