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Resources for SEE session attendees (and their friends)

Posted on June 16, 2012

Thank you, SEE!  The 2012 conference was a lot of fun!

The demo sites are:


If you don’t remember the password for the CMS sites, contact me.

Some tips for editing the practice websites:

  • Keep 2 browser windows open. For example: edit in Chrome, and view in Firefox as an unauthenticated user.
  • Always, always, always save your work. Leaving the edit screen without saving in any CMS will lose your work.
  • Use placekitten.com for placeholder images
    when specifying an image URL in an edit screen put the desired picture dimensions after the placekitten URL, i.e. putting in http://www.placekitten.com/300/200 gives you this:

Awesome Kitten

A few slightly random CMS-related links:


Report from the University of Minnesota Drupal Usability Testing | drupal.org

ComputerWorld shootout: Drupal vs. Joomla vs. WordPress
a very good review of the Big 3. End-user focused, without too much developer-speak.

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